Grow Native- Fall Plant Sale

Lufkin, Texas- Angelina Beautiful/Clean has partnered with the Angelina County Master Gardeners who have implemented a Native Plant Campaign; Grow Native Angelina. The objective of the campaign is to educate and empower Angelina County residents to include native plants in their landscaping.… Read More

Cotton Was King In East Texas Until Timber Overthrew the Thrown

Cotton Was King In East Texas Until Timber Overthrew the Thrown 

Stephen F. Austin advertised the rich land lying along the Brazos and Colorado River as prime property to grow the cash crop cotton. In 1825, Leonard Groce introduced what is believed to be the first cotton gin in Austin’s … Read More

PYOP- Pick Your Own Peaches!

PYOP- Pick Your Own Peaches- Danville Farms has been offering peach picking opportunities since 1980. The six-acre orchard consists of 600 trees, where peaches are allowed to fully tree-ripen. This results in some of the best-tasting peaches the East Taxes climate can possibly produce.… Read More

Mighty Fine Right Off The Vine

Mighty Fine Right Off The Vine- The Lone Star State ranks third in watermelon production in the United States. Watermelons can be purchased in almost every town in East Texas, either from a roadside fruit and vegetable stand or from the back of a peddler’s pick up. The fruit of … Read More