Lake Bob Sandlin State Park

Lake Bob Sandlin State Park is composed of 639.8 acres, located on the heavily-wooded shoreline of the 9,400 acre Lake Bob Sandlin. The park is southeast of Mount Pleasant, in Titus County. Park property was acquired in 1979 and the park was opened in 1987.… Read More

Cooper Lake State Park

Cooper Lake State park is located in northeast Texas, on 3,026 acres surrounding the young 19,300 acre water body, Copper Lake. The park is composed of two units. Doctors Creek Unit is the smaller of the two, totaling 715.5 acres, and is located in Delta County. South Sulphur Unit lies … Read More

Atlanta State Park

Atlanta State Park is located on Wright Patman Lake near Texarkana. Texas acquired this beautiful land in 1954.This 1,475 acre park is a charming, wooded park has a west-facing shoreline in Cass County, that allows visitors to take in brilliant and bright sunsets over the water. The seasonal colors of … Read More