Stagecoach Road

A Dusty Trail of Legends and Haunts

By Dana Goolsby

MARSHALL- Red dirt roads sprawl beneath the pine tree canvas of East Texas offering a slower pace, and are perfect for a scenic drive. But not every dirt road in the Pineywoods leads to mystery and folklore like one in Read More

Blood Sucking Chupacabras, Mutants, and Mangy Coyotes- Oh My!

Blood Sucking Chupacabras, Mutants, and Mangy Coyotes- Oh My!

By Dana Goolsby
chupacabraEast Texas-
The mythical blood-sucking beast from Mexico known as the chupacabra has been roaming the Pineywoods since 2004. Some say the hideous vampire beast is nothing more than a mangy coyote. Others think the beast is a … Read More