How Well Do You Sam Houston?

Sam Houston was one of the most colorful and controversial figures in Texas history. He was a sometimes volatile and often contradictory man who played a crucial role in the founding of Texas. How much do you know about this Texas hero?

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The Edens-Madden Massacre of Houston County

The Edens-Madden Massacre of Houston County- Various Indian tribes, such as the Caddo, Kickapoo, and Cherokee, lived on the river bottoms among the pine thickets in East Texas before the Texas Revolution. The Mexican government had no interest in colonizing East Texas; therefore, was able to maintain good relations with … Read More

World’s Tallest Statue Of An American Hero

Sam Houston Statue, Huntsville, Texas- The world’s tallest statue of an American Hero stands proudly beside I-45 in Huntsville, Texas. Sam Houston can be seen from an impressive distance as he oversees Texas traffic, day and night. Most East Texans have seen the statue, along with everyone else who has … Read More