East Texas Fall Foliage Routes

East Texas Fall Foliage Routes

ETX- The shorter days are bringing cooler weather, a chill is in the air, and wild things are putting on their winter coats. All the while, a silent explosion of amazing fall colors is transforming East Texas. It isn’t necessary to travel to New England … Read More

The ETX Bucket List

The ETX Bucket List- As a Texan there are certain things you should see in the state before leaving this world. East Texas is deeply rooted in the beginning of the Lone Star State and filled to the brim with history and unexplainable beauty. There are 11 places in the … Read More

East Texas Wooly Booger: Fact Or Faked?

Bigfoot X-ingEast Texas- Under the piney wood canvas of East Texas, mysterious legends give way to area folklore. East Texas folklore has passed along the mythical tales of the strange and unusual for over 250 years, including the legend of the elusive creature known as Bigfoot.Read More