Texas Big Fig Gig

Texas Big Fig Gig

MARSHALL- Fig growers and fig lovers from across the nation will be center stage during Marshall, Texas’s Main Street’s Second Saturday festivities on August 10 when they converge in downtown for the first-ever Texas Big Fig Gig.

Organized by local members of the national online fig forum, Figs4Fun, this day-long conference will offer demonstrations for growing healthier fig trees, utilizing the soil properly, as well as the opportunity to sample fig recipes and a buy, sell or trade everything having to do with the fig.

“Figs have really seen a reemergence as food,” said event organizer Danny Kirkland. “Figs are a healthy food with probably the richest source of calcium and fiber. So with the focus on healthy eating now, figs are really seeing a comeback in popularity. 

Kirkland said Marshall is the perfect locale to hold the Texas Big Fig Gig, not only for its historic atmosphere, but also because there are more than 100 fig trees within five miles of the historic Harrison County Courthouse in the downtown area. He also said the date was chosen to coincide with Main Street’s Second Saturday activities.

“We intentionally scheduled this to be on busy downtown weekend so the non-fig growers who attend with family or friends have something unique to see,” Kirkland said. “Main Street’s event is always very good for Marshall anyway, hopefully we can add to that and expose more people to what Marshall has to offer.”

While this is the first year for the conference, Kirkland says his group intends to make it an annual affair. 

“We fully intend to do this next year,” he said. “Eventually, the plan is to hold a national event. One year it would be local, here in Marshall; the next year it would be held in San Diego and the following year in Charlotte. We’ll rotate venues for maximum exposure. If we have the kind of turn out I’m expecting this year, we should have a convention center-sized get together next year.”

The Texas Big Fig Gig will feature two hour-long demonstrations; the first of which will explore the propagation of fig trees, including how to better prepare cuttings. The second demonstration will discuss soil types, soil mixtures, and getting the most out of your soil. Concessions will be available, and fig trees and products will be available for purchase and trade.

The event will begin at 9 a.m. on August 10 at the Marshall Visual Arts Center in historic downtown Marshall at 208 E Burleson Street. The first demonstration will begin promptly at 10 a.m. There is no cost to attend and the conference is expected to conclude around 3 p.m.

The Texas Big Fig Gig is expected to draw visitors from as far away as Georgia, Missouri and Mississippi. Many regional attendees are also expected to come to Marshall for the conference. For more information about the conference, email, or call (903) 742-0243.

For a complete list of current events, lodging reservations and information about Marshall, or call the Marshall Convention & Visitors Bureau at (903) 702-7777.

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