The Kettle House

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The Kettle House

GALVESTON- For over half of a century rumors, myths, and urban legends have swirled about the mysterious Kettle House on Galveston Island, and still no one seems to have the facts. MYETX visited the Kettle House a few weeks ago when we were on the Island. Although little is known about the strange structure, the Kettle House is a must-see site.

Steel might seem like a poor choice for a building in such a salty environment, but the structure has weathered hurricanes and storms for over 50 years. The Kettle House is also not on stilts, which is another unusual design element for a structure so close to the ocean.  The owner(s) have never been interviewed and even neighbors know little about the man who erected the strange structure on the Gulf of Mexico. The Kettle House stands firm and vacant on the coast and remains a mystery.

Rumors on the Island suggest the man who is responsible for building the Kettle House used to build storage tanks for oil companies, however, his identity is unknown. The structure is believed to have been constructed during the 1950’s. Some islanders say the Kettle House was constructed out of a silo, which was turned upside down and roofed. One area resident said the building was originally intended to serve as a convenient store, though it never opened.

Neighbors tell curious journalists that someone shows up and tends to the property every once in a blue moon, only to disappear again for years on end. Locals say that around the turn of the century the owner(s) removed the rusty old top of the Kettle and replaced it with a wooden roof. Since then, windows have been replaced, air-conditioning was added, and a mailbox was placed out front. But no one has ever resided at the Kettle House. Locals suggest the improvements were made to the structure because the city council intended to tear the Kettle House down.

Talk of strange figures arriving during the wee hours of the night at the Kettle House has long since been the topic of conversation on the island. Some say the strange figures show up from time-to-time and move about the property, appearing to be working.

The Kettle House is located at 1410 Mirimar Drive, Galveston, Texas. Just take a right on the Sea Wall and head south toward Galveston Island State Park. You can’t miss it!

While some keep waiting for the Kettle House to spin off into space, MYETX will keep digging for details on the Kettle House. On our next trip to Galveston, we will speak to more neighbors and locals about the structure. Do you have information about the Kettle House or its owner(s)? If so, contact our team today via email at

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