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The Liberty Bell Displaying and Seeking Locally Produced Art

The Liberty Bell Displaying and Seeking Locally Produced Art

03NACOGDOCHES – November 3, 2013 – Local artists now have another venue to display their art, according to Kati Harris, one of the owners of The Liberty Bell.  “We have several art students who work for us.  There is a very vibrant art community in East Texas and would like to showcase local talent.  We have a large, beautifully restored brick wall that would be a great backdrop to drawings, paintings, or other works that can be hung for display,” said Harris.  The idea is to have local artwork that rotates through and can be sold on a consignment basis, or can be for display only. 

02Currently, a photography by Sean Dupre of Lufkin, “Pinecone Series; Time, Space, Place,” is being displayed and is available for sale.  Sean Dupre was born and raised in East Texas and teaches photography and art at Lufkin High School in addition to his photography business.  Mr. Dupre said he choose the pine tree, symbolic to all East Texans, and was inspired by the “Piano Fling” episode of Northern Exposure on a cold and misty Thanksgiving morning.  While the first set of photos didn’t capture the true expression he was after, “but visually, I opened a door to a fresh way of seeing,” said Mr. Dupre.  As he puts it, “A presentation of time (past, present and future), the illusion of space (falling, hovering, rising) and the significance of place – East Texas as it runs through our veins, embodies our spirit and passes through our lives.”

1Sean Dupre’s photographs are on display now at The Liberty Bell.  The Liberty Bell is a wine pub located in downtown Nacogdoches featuring wine and other beverages, a full food menu, and live entertainment.  Artists who would like to submit art for display at The Liberty Bell may contact Kati Harris at 936-622-6425 or

Contact: Kati Harris at 936-622-6425 or via email at

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