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Timpson Reservoir

Timpson Reservoir is located four miles northeast of Garrison, in Shelby County. The lake is 223 surface acres, with an average maximum depth of 35 feet. Aquatic vegetation in the lake consist of primarily native emergent vegetation. Habitat in Timpson Reservoir consists of standing timber, boat docks, and emergent vegetation. Game fish are typically found around vegetation edges, points, boat docks, and creek channels.

The most popular game fish at Timpson Reservoir is the largemouth bass. Numbers of bass are relatively high and an excellent fishery exists. Due to the 14-21 inch slot limit, Timpson produces a good number of trophy-sized bass. Crappie and catfish are present in the reservoir, but numbers are relatively low and few anglers target these species. Bluegill and redear sunfish provide fair fishing, especially for youth or inexperienced anglers.

Anglers are most successful at catching largemouth bass during the fall, winter, and spring months. Due to cooler water temperatures, fish are active for longer periods of the day and are typically found in shallow water. A variety of baits and techniques will work during these times. When fish are active, crankbaits and spinnerbaits will catch bass. During the hot summer, the bite slows and fish activity is usually concentrated during early morning, late evening, and at night. Poppers, propeller baits, and stickbaits are good topwater choices during low light conditions. As the sun rises, most bass are concentrated around boat docks and deep creek channel ledges. During this time, plastic worms and jigs are the preferred baits. Sunfish, especially bluegill and redear sunfish, can be caught year-round but fishing peaks during the late spring or summer when fish are on their spawning beds. Small jigs, spinners, and crickets all catch sunfish.Most species are currently managed under statewide regulations, with one exception pertaining to largemouth bass, which is a 14 to 21 inch slot limit, five-fish bag of which only one can be 21 inches or larger.

Public Boat Ramp

  • Located off US 59, 4 miles northeast of Garrison. At lake sign, turn south onto FM 2667.
  • Two-lane ramp accommodates all boat types
  • No fee required
  • Open all year
  • Operated by Shelby County Freshwater Supply District (936) 254-2421

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