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Wine In the Pines

Wine In the Pines

The Pineywoods Wine Trail

East Texas has not always enjoyed the same reputation as the Texas Hill Country where wine is concerned, but these days, the Pineywoods is churning out some of the Lone Star State’s best wines. The Piney Woods Wine Trail was established in 2010 and covers a vast area throughout the region from Athens, Canton and Sulphur Springs all the way to Naples, Tyler and Palestine. The Piney Woods Wine Trail currently includes 17 wineries making it the second biggest trail in the State.

The Piney Woods Wine Trail stretches across East Texas. The trail is best traveled slowly, in stages. Meander from one Texas Winery to the next, tasting, touring, and appreciating the beauty of the Pineywoods Region, and spend each night at a different East Texas bed and breakfast.

The trail has been divided into four wine roads due to the vast area it covers: the North East Wine Road, Central Wine Road, South West Wine Road, and North West Wine Road.

North East Wine Road. 88 miles.
• Enoch’s Stomp Winery, Harleton
• Red Road Winery, Naples.
• St. Rose Vineyards & Winery, Pittsburg.
• Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards, Pittsburg.

Central Wine Road. 31 miles.
• Historic KE Cellars, Tyler.
• Kierpersol Estates Vineyards, Tyler.
• KE Bushman’s Winery & Celebration Center, Bullard.
• Dixie Wine Company, Mt. Selman.

South West Wine Road. 97 miles.
• Maydelle Country Winery, Rusk.
• Texas Vineyard & Smokehaus, Palestine.
• Sweet Dreams Winery, Palestine.
• Tara Vineyard & Winery, Palestine.

North West Wine Road. 95 miles.
• Fairhaven Vineyards, Hawkins.
• Red 55 Winery, Lindale.
• Texas Roads Winery, Canton.
• Savannah Winery & Bistro, Canton.
• Crump Valley Vineyards, Sulphur Springs.

Recently, we sent two members of our team, Paula and Susy, on a one-day taste-testing excursion on the Piney Woods Wine Trail. They were able to visit four wineries between noon and 8p.m.

Our team visited St. Rose, Los Pinos, Red Road and Fairhaven.

“I liked the view at Los Pinos and the wine at Fairhaven & St. Rose. But there was one wine I would call my favorite at Los Pinos: Grand Reserve Viognier – Born in the sunny Diamante Doble Vineyard, where we harvest under the cool starry night sky of the Texas High Plains. The result is this nose bomb with a flavor bouquet of fresh tropical fruits. Gregarious guava, maniacal mango and bonzo banana. There’s even a bit of bazooka. You’ll go bonkers,” Paula said.

Paula and Susy recommend that guests call first because only a select few vineyards stay open past 6p.m. even on weekends. A one-day trek can be done and is more enjoyable traveled slowly, taking plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the Pineywoods and take in a sunset.

Visit the Piney Woods Wine Trail website for more information. 



Photos by Paula Ellis

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