Galveston Historical Foundation’s Living On the Edge Conference to Focus On Coastal Preservation

Galveston Island, Texas– Galveston Historical Foundation (GHF) will hold its second annual sustainability conference, Living On The Edge – Managing Change Through Innovation, on October 22 and 23 in the 1859 Ashton Villa. Reservations are $100 or $25 for students with full details on speakers, agendas and more available at

“One of the most compelling issues for Galveston Island is how we can sustain or live with future storms and changes in our environment,” explains GHF Executive Director Dwayne Jones. “This conference is one step that furthers that discussion and allows us to exchange ideas and concepts with other communities around the world facing similar issues. It’s an exciting opportunity to expand our thinking and strengthen Galveston for tomorrow.”

Preserving historical buildings and sites along the coast has always come with challenges, including severe storms and frequent flooding. In recent years, the threats have intensified and experts predict that the trend will continue. At Living on the Edge, engineers, architects, environmentalists, contractors, and public health experts will present the solutions that will help make historical communities more resilient. Topics of discussion will focus on:

  • New Methods for Understanding and Predicting Storm Surge
  • Integrating Climate Adaptations into State and Local Policies
  • Innovative Strategies for Flood-Prone Neighborhoods
  • Solutions and Incentives for Historic Buildings in Flood Zones

Keynote speakers include:

  • Baukje Kothuis and Dr. Nikki Brand, Delft University of Technology, Authors of the new book, Delft Delta Design Houston Galveston Bay Area, Texas, USA
  • Kim Anderson, Oregon State University, Disasters, Environmental Health, and the Silicone Wristband Personal Passive Sampler

The Galveston community has adapted to the environment through elevating and relocating buildings and through a massive seawall construction and grade-raising project after the deadly Hurricane of 1900. After Hurricane Ike of 2008, GHF launched the Center for Coastal Heritage to explore the relationship between history and the coastal environment in communities around the country.

This year’s conference is presented in partnership by Galveston Historical Foundation and UTMB Health’s Center in Environmental Toxicology. Sponsors include Entergy, AIA Houston, Tom Schwenk Realtor, Building Solutions and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

For more information, please contact Will Wright, Director of Communications and Special Events at 409-765-3404 or

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