Matagorda County Birding Nature Center’s 5th Annual Paddler’s Rally

Matagorda County Birding Nature Center’s 5th Annual Paddler’s Rally

Canoe2BAY CITY- Few, if any, would not argue that water is the most crucial requirement for sustaining life and rewarding lifestyles on Planet Earth! Those securing abundant water supplies will have a much higher probability of enjoying future economic, social and environmental prosperity. Conversely, those which are unsuccessful in gaining adequate quantities will suffer disastrous losses over the long haul.

Unfortunately, for large sections of Texas, and other dry areas of the world, this quenching liquid is becoming a rare and increasingly-expensive commodity. So, in response to the on-going Texas drought, there are now heated battles being waged within the legal system and resource management regimes of the state for control of current and future water supplies.

Most would agree that our rivers, creeks and bayous play an essential role in providing freshwater for food and fiber production (i.e., farming and ranching), manufacturing, domestic needs as well as maintaining the environmental health of areas these streams flow through (i.e., watersheds) or into (i.e., bays and estuaries). Therefore, the Matagorda County Birding Nature Center, near Bay City, felt it was vitally important that the public widely recognize and assertively celebrate Texas’ abundance of these natural water delivery systems, known as freshwater streams. To achieve this heightened understanding and appreciation of their contributions in an intimate fashion, the Nature Center will be hosting the 5Th Annual Paddlers’ Rally on the River at Bay City’s Riverside Park on April 12.

Kayakers, canoeists and paddleboarders from across Texas will again converge on Matagorda County to exuberantly honor every precious drop of the state’s flowing surface water with a 9-mile float trip on the Colorado River. The designated route is from the park up to LCRA’s dam and back. Those unsure of their ability to complete the full course can enjoy less paddling by simply turning around when they desire to do so.

This festive on-the-water event is generously supported by the Bay City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, Matagorda County Convention and Visitors Bureau, City of Bay City, County of Matagorda, Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), Friends of the Paddle (FOTP) and Women On the Water (WOW). Riverside Park was unanimously selected as the host site by this coalition because of its accommodating access to the river, beauty and charm, along with its attractive campsites for RVs and tents, hiking trails, picnic areas, kids’ playground and concessions.

Most water folk will bring their own paddle craft to use on this spring cruise, while those without a boat of their own may reserve one for only $20/kayak (single or tandem) with paddle and pfd included. Paddlers pay no fee to enter this public riverside park/campground or to participate in this yearly event. However, all paddlers are asked to register and check in before launching. The first one hundred to sign up will receive a handsome commemorative t-shirt.

To enroll, reserve a kayak or receive additional information call 979-245-3336 or email