Mosquito Control is a Community Effort

Mosquito Control is a Community Effort

MosquitoPalestine, Texas- As spring turns into summer, the City of Palestine Development Services Department is offering tips to make your outdoor experience enjoyable and support their efforts to reduce exposure to mosquitoes and mosquito born-illnesses.

The City has begun spraying for mosquitoes in certain areas around town and residents are encouraged to join the effort by taking the following steps on their private property to help reduce mosquito breeding areas and exposure to mosquitoes. Control is a community effort:

1. Drain standing water on your property. Check all rain gutters to ensure water is
not trapped and can flow freely onto the ground. Empty all flower pots, water
dishes and any other item that can hold water. Water in bird baths should be
changed every three to four days. Remember any area on your property where
there is standing water has a potential to breed mosquitoes.

2. Ensure that your yard is mowed on a regular basis. Tall grass invites mosquito

3. If possible, stay indoors at dusk through dawn as this is the time of day when
mosquitoes are most active.

4. Check screens around windows and doors to ensure mosquitoes cannot enter

5. Dress in long sleeves/pants, loose and light-colored clothing when outdoors.

6. Defend yourself by using insect repellents that contain DEET, Picaridin, or Oil of
Eucalyptus. Follow the label instructions.

“The city is doing everything we can to address the mosquito nuisance season,” said
Jeffery Lyons, Development Services Director. “With limited resources, we are
encouraging the citizens to assist us with the prevention and control of mosquitoes.
Control is a community-based effort, and we want everyone to be able to enjoy outdoor

The city will begin spraying for mosquitoes after sunset around certain areas of town
where historically there have been concentrations of mosquitoes. The spraying program
is part of the City of Palestine’s public safety and wellness efforts. The city will also spray
for mosquitoes based on citizen feedback received via phone or email tips.

If you notice areas with standing water, including swimming pools that are not being
maintained, you may report this to Code Enforcement Officers by emailing the general
location or property address along with your contact info to You can also call the Development Services
Administrative Assistants at 903-731-8417 or 903-731-8495 to report these locations.

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