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Piney Woods Fine Arts is Getting Their Dancin’ Shoes On!

Piney Woods Fine Arts is Getting Their Dancin’ Shoes On!

BallroomCROCKETT—Do you like “Dancing With The Stars”, “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance?”  Well, get ready…PWFAA is bringing the stars and finalists of these hit TV shows to Crockett for one night only, February 21st at the Crockett Civic Center for BALLROOM WITH A TWIST.

BALLROOM WITH A TWIST is an evening of entertainment for the entire family, highlighted by stunning costumes, magnificent music and breathtaking performances that pushes the boundaries of ballroom dance, infusing it with the energy and intensity of the latest contemporary and “hip-hop” styles.

It’s the who’s who of the dance and singing world joining together for an evening of grace, athleticism and passion. “Dancing with the Stars” hot-shot pros are joined by “American Idol” finalists along with “So You Think You Can Dance” finalists.  “Dancing with the Stars” Emmy-nominated Louis van Amstel’s choreography brings a new level of excitement and flash to this family-friendly evening.

Watching the cha-cha rattle on the television screen is one thing, but getting up-close and live beneath the fringe, sequins and booming sounds of Rumba bass is a whole other ballgame. BALLROOM WITH A TWIST brings a frenzy of sizzling dance moves by professional international dancers spanning the hot moves of Samba, Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Jive. As if the jaw-dropping dancers aren’t enough to keep you ogling at smooth moves and high kicks, several of your favorite “American Idol” finalists join the bill with their powerhouse hit songs.

The stars include “Dancing With The Stars” professional troupe member, Oksana Dmytrenko, “American Idol” finalists Gina Glocksen (Season Six) and Von Smith (Season Eight) along with “So You Think You Can Dance” finalists Randi Lynn Strong, Jonathan Platero (Season Five) and Legacy (Season six). The show is choreographed by “Dancing with the Stars”‘ Emmy-nominated Louis van Amstel and his passion and expertise bring a new level of excitement and flash to this family-friendly evening.

Tickets start at $32 and are available online at or by calling the Piney Woods Fine Arts Assoc. office at (936) 544-4276 Mon-Fri from 9:00-1:00.

BALLROOM WITH A TWIST is sponsored by Citizen’s National Bank and Wal-Mart and presented by PWFAA in association with KIVY/KMVL, Houston County Courier, Messenger and County Life magazine.

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