Queen Mab Ball

Queen Mab Ball

By Jeff Campbell/Jeff In Jefferson

Back in the day, before trucks and before trains, Jefferson, Texas was a trading partner with the city of New Orleans. Steamboats would travel up the Mississippi River, fork off to the Red River, travel across Caddo Lake and then up Big Cypress Bayou to Jefferson. The New Orleans influence on Jefferson is seen in the architecture of the historic district. The wrought iron balconies make you feel as if you are in a smaller version of the “Big Easy”. This time of year that New Orleans influence is seen in Jefferson’s Mardi Gras Celebrations.

Jefferson’s first Mardi Gras Celebration was held in 1871. The first Queen of Mardi Gras was Mary Eugenia Alford. By 1876 Mardi Gras in Jefferson had grown into a city wide celebration and today it’s bigger than ever.

Jefferson’s Mardi Gras Celebration kicks off this Saturday, January 26th, with the “Queen Mab Ball”. Queen Mab is taken from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliette”. Romeo and two friends, all wearing masks, have amassed with a group of other masked party goers on their way to a feast. One of Romeo’s friends begins to pontificate about the legend of “Queen Mab”, a fairy that drives those in deep slumber to dream of wishes fulfilled.

Bring your favorite Mardi Gras mask and kick off the Mardi Gras season in Jefferson, Texas. The “Queen Mab Ball will be held at the Jefferson Transportation and Visitor Center at 305 E Austin at 8:00 PM and will last until Midnight. Tickets are $40.00 for a single admission and $300.00 for a table of eight. Please call903-665-2111 for tickets

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