The Gin Game Deals A Winning Hand

The Gin Game Deals A Winning Hand

Photo by Paula Youngblood

Jefferson – Last Friday, August 3rd, was the debut performance of “The Gin Game” at the Jefferson Transportation 7 Visitor Center. The play is part of the inaugural “Arts On The Bayou” theatre festival in Jefferson. Starring Karl Fredrickson and Wendy Looney, the play is also produced and directed by Karl Fredrickson. Written by D.L. Coburn, it is the tale of two elderly residents of a nursing home who gradually get to know each other and themselves.

Karl Fredrickson nails the part of the curmudgeonly Weller Martin and Wendy Looney creates the veil of the genteel and reserved Fonsia Dorsey, then slowly reveals the layers below the surface. Looney and Fredrickson are the perfect foils as they gesture, glance, use visual humor and signs of discomfort to express themselves.

The material contains profanity and violence which makes it all the more intriguing that there are so many funny moments in the play. A black comedy of real life. If a play that entertains you, moves you and make you think is what you’re looking for, then “The Gin Game” fills the bill. It is a play that makes you want to support theatre.

The next performance of “The Gin Game” is Friday, August 10th at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $25.00 and allow you to see five productions over the three day weekend. Check for more information or call 903-665-3733.

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